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I not sure what you mean about China, there more than two. I assume you mean Mandarin and Cantonese, which is only spoken in HK and the south. On top of that, Guangzhou and HK have different cultures despite a similar language. The only reason I even trying to comprehend all this is that I cannot for the life of me see warfare as a football game, or knights and dragons, or good versus evil. These black and white romanticized notions of warfare can die in a fire for all I care. These are the kinds of notions people who never read about real war believe when they dehumanize their “foe of the day” and like to readily brandish war or death. I tried Hideyoshi route first and only made it to Chapter 9 because I was getting bored since he was so motherly and like a brother to me rather than a lover, but a lot of people have said that his route gets really good after chapter 10. Anyway, I then switched to Nobunaga, and I loveeeeee him lol. I laughed, cried (both sad and happy tears), and enjoyed playing his route so much (I only did his Dramatic route so far and I currently working towards his Romantic route). I am not OP but I would like to respond on it anyway. I got dumped by my ex who was pretty superficial himself. The way he broke up with me was absolutely terrible. The bar is set exceptionally high and the bar itself is an illusion. It doesn exist. Beauty magazines promote self hatred, low self esteem and poor body image. It could be some random person, too, but at the same time I never found them that different like a lot of people suggest. In reality, we know so little about Jana. She could have been into Lawson for a while and force to pray about it. Which brings us to the Italia’s raison d’etre as well as the reason it was produced in such limited numbers. Between 1950 and 1953, Hudson sales had fallen by nearly half. The compact Hudson Jet, introduced for 1953 in an effort to emulate Nash’s success with the Rambler, went over like the proverbial cast iron balloon; Rambler outsold it by at least two and a half to one.. Think of your damn 합천출장마사지 kids. I don blame them for being pissed at you. Keeping this kind of behavior up is a really good way to ensure that your kids will grow to fucking hate and resent you as they get older. The light that reaches the holographic emulsion is just like the waves in the aquarium. It has peaks and troughs, and some of the 합천출장마사지 waves are taller while others are shorter. The silver halide in the emulsion responds to these light waves just like it responds to light waves in an ordinary photograph. (Well, maybe not my 4 year old at the moment. He being a jerk to everyone lately but he was such a chill baby/toddler that I hopeful it just a phase!) I hope and pray that I wrong, but I don anticipate her suddenly getting easier any time soon. (Maybe by high school. 7 points submitted 21 days agoAsides from recruiting more people into the guild, host some guild activities to keep people engaged in the guild. Now it doesnt have to be anything huge or major, it can be as simple as running daily bosses or weekly bosses for contribution or run the flag race. Small things like that to keep people engaged.It also wouldnt hurt to start a discord server and start growing that too so if you or anyone else in your guild become close friends you can talk outside of Maple.Another tip of advice is having a goal for the guild in mind that everyone can work towards.